Unlocking Growth: Digital Marketing Consulting with Chaz

Imagine a Fractional Digital Marketing Officer Working on Growing Your Business

The Fuel to grow your digital business or agency


Understanding the hurdles of growth is the first step. Are you:

Struggling to maintain a work-life balance?
Aiming to scale and eventually exit?
Looking to leave a lasting legacy?
Desiring to be the leader in your market?

Scaling brings its own set of challenges, but the key to overcoming them is driving consistent revenue growth.

With proven strategies tailored to your unique needs, I've successfully amplified revenue for numerous brands, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Let's transform your growing pains into stepping stones for success.

Helping You Create Strategic Improvements for Your Business

Whether You Need My Help Building a Cost Efficient In-House Digital Marketing Team, Growing and Scaling SaaS and eCom Brands, or Need Me to Handle Your Digital Campaign Personally, I've Helped Businesses Succeed Digitally and Examples Include:

Offers &

Custom doesn't scale, but with expert positioning your standardized offer will appear bespoke.

Team Building &
In-House Training

Sourced, hired and trained over 300 digital marketers, software devs, and web designers.

SOPs &
Process Ops

From fulfillment to digital or ecom product launches, everything needs to be documented.

Funnels &
Inbound Marketing

Your offer needs to use the right mix of digital platforms and traffic channels. Launching new traffic channels creates growth opportunities.

Groups &

Create the digital community that your ideal clients are looking for (online training or member areas, social media groups or forums).

SaaS &

Real-world expertise in business automation, software development, client management systems to create growth opportunities.

Using Omni Channel Marketing and Technology

Revenue Growth Framework

When it comes to business growth, entrepreneurs and established companies alike employ three cardinal methods to drive business expansion.

First, acquiring new clients is a cornerstone strategy. This approach involves establishing expert positioning within your industry and publishing tangible results. Additionally, creating new marketing funnels can help attract a fresh influx of customers.

Second, businesses boost growth by increasing purchase frequency. This strategy involves cleverly remarketing to clients who have engaged with a single service, enticing them with complementary offerings. Introducing new premium features within the same market can also entice customers to make more frequent purchases.

The third potent strategy centers on increasing the average customer lifetime value. This approach includes constructing a value ladder with offers at various price points, bundling products or services together, and encouraging annual billing to maximize long-term customer value.

2 Options
Monthly Mentorship & Digital CMO
or Limited Consultancy

Monthly Mentorship and Fractional Digital CMO
1st Choose weekly or biweekly calls with Chaz
2nd Select how many hours you would like Chaz working on your business each month
3rd Onboard seamlessly in your own client dashboard to schedule your initial call with Chaz and start growing your business
Limited Engagement Consultancy
1st Choose how many calls you’d like to schedule
2nd Each call includes 1 additional hour of Chaz working on the issue or challenge discussed on the call
3rd Onboard seamlessly in your own client dashboard to schedule your initial call with Chaz and start growing your business
Monthly Mentorship: Here’s What You’ll Get

 Customized Strategies Unique to Your Business Needs

Weekly or Biweekly Calls Directly with Chaz

 Chaz Working At Your Direction to Grow Your Business

 No Contracts, Keep Only If You Are Happy

 Access to Chaz’s SEO and Campaign Management SOP Library

 Access to Chaz’s Agency Growth Hub

  • Agency Growth & Scaling (5 Resources)
  • Systems and Automation (7 Resources)
  • Client Getting (6 Resources)
  • Agency Operations (14 Resources)
  • Agency Sales (10 Resources)
Limited Consultancy: Here’s What You’ll Get

Scheduled Zoom Call(s) with Chaz 

 Chaz’s Direct Assistance in Solving Your Issue or Challenge

 1 Additional Hour/Call for Chaz to Work on the Issue or Challenge

 Insight, Strategies, Systems, Processes, or Resources as Your Business Requires

 Access to Chaz’s SEO and Campaign Management SOP Library

 Access to Chaz’s Agency Growth Hub

  • Agency Growth & Scaling (5 Resources)
  • Systems and Automation (7 Resources)
  • Client Getting (6 Resources)
  • Agency Operations (14 Resources)
  • Agency Sales (10 Resources)
Helping Digital Businesses Scale


Several hundred agencies, SEOs, and digital brands have directly benefited and experienced significant growth from my strategies, coaching, and trainings.

What Challenges Prevent Your Business From Growing?


Providing SEO Consulting Since 2015

Whether you have an existing team or need my help building your first in-house SEO team, I'll help you plan, execute, and deliver top-performing SEO campaigns that will put you at the top of search results.


  • SOPs and Processes
  • In-House Staffing
  • Campaign Audits
  • SEO Frameworks

Enterprise SEO

  • SEO Analysis/Audits
  • In-House Training
  • In-House Fulfilment
  • SEO at Scale

Digital Brands

  • SEO Management
  • Updating SEO Strategies
  • CMS and Technical SEO
  • SEO Metrics/ROI

SEO SaaS/Tech

  • Software Specs
  • Software Review
  • Pre-Vetted Software Developers
  • SaaS SEO Frameworks


Saved 100s of Thousands of Dollars Using Automation

Investing in the right systems and automation strategies at the right time will be a game changer for your business. Systems improve quality, increase efficiency and can free up labor expenses that can be reinvested to scale.


  • Automate Your Sales
  • Client Onboarding
  • Client Dashboards
  • Proposals & Audits
  • Build Sales Systems


  • Eliminate Copy & Paste
  • Automate Workflows
  • AI Bots and Tools
  • Mar-Tech IoT

Digital Brands

  • Feedback Loops
  • Customer CRMs/Email/SMS
  • Automate Demos/Scheduling
  • AI Chat Bots


  • Automate Bookings/Demos
  • CRM/Email/SMS
  • Marketing Automation


Strategies Added Millions in Topline Revenue

By harnessing the three cardinal methods of business growth — client acquisition, upselling to existing clients, and elevating the average customer value — businesses can chart a course for sustained growth.


  • Inbound & Funnels
  • Positioning Offers
  • Buying & Selling Agencies
  • Horizontal & Vertical Growth


  • Online Community Building
  • Client Retention
  • CLTV Value Ladders
  • Omni Channel Strategies

Digital Brands

  • Launch New Funnels
  • Open New Traffic Channels
  • New Service/Product Launches
  • Cross-Channel Attribution


  • Upsell/Premium Feature Funnels
  • Lead Magnets/List Building
  • Churn Reduction
  • New Feature Launches

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