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Our Mission and Guarantee

At Chaz Edward, our mission is to harness our local digital marketing experience to empower local businesses to achieve exponential growth and success. Our approach is holistic, integrating SEO, Google Maps SEO, media buying, branding, web redesign, email marketing, and social media marketing into bespoke strategies for each client. 

Our local marketing services have helped single locations grow into state-wide chains and our local SEO strategies power national franchises that dominate in local search and the Google 3 Pack.

We grow when our clients grow, and we grow when we provide value first.

Our promise is not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, with a commitment so strong that we offer our services with a guarantee: results as promised, or we work for free until those results are achieved.

Driven to Outrank the Competition, For You

For many local businesses, ranking and online visibility can be challenging, but we are driven to win.

Our ethos is about the relentless pursuit of excellence, not just for ourselves, but for every client we serve. And you can rest assured this is the exact feeling we have when executing on your behalf. We want each of our clients to win and we work hard to make that happen.

Our Values

Create Partnerships

Accountable to Clients

Driven to Win for You

Attentive to Detail

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The Foundation and Growth of Chaz Edward Local Marketing

Before We Were a Local Marketing Agency

Welcome to Chaz Edward Local Marketing. Our foundation extends back to 2010 when Chaz first entered SEO and SEM to handle the marketing for his locksmith business. As his marketing skills developed so did his brand, growing into four locations in four years. During these years he also helped friends and family, and several clients, with website designs, SEO, and PPC, while still operating the locksmith company.

As the demands of SEO grew, Chaz immersed himself in learning everything he could about information retrieval systems, Google Backrub, PageRank, Google Search Patents, and more. Over this time he attended many SEO conferences, became active in the BlackHat Community Forum, and completed hundreds of hours of SEO training courses. And it started to pay off, rankings followed a pattern of activity, by spotting correlations he could better design campaigns that performed above average.

He divested his locksmith business in 2014 and entered the world as a full-time digital marketer. He JV’d with other SEO’s and web designers assisting on projects, partnered with a small agency start-up, and ventured for the first time into lead generation.

The Foundation Years

That’s where Chaz Edward’s story began, with  Chaz creating impactful local lead-generation brands – online – targeting major U.S. cities. The venture grew, initially selling leads to lead aggregators and wholesalers on OfferVault, then direct to local businesses, and finally birthing brick-and-mortar businesses like an appliance repair company in Pittsburgh and two painting companies, all built on the backbone of our ability to generate local leads and calls.

A Spectrum of Digital Experience

As we onboarded new clients for SEO and digital marketing management, our specialization in SEO for eCommerce brands, local SEO, and social media and PPC for local businesses took center stage. We started to grow.

And that led to a problem: fulfillment.

We were a small team and relied on vendors to perform some of the basic tasks like profile creation, citation building, and content syndication. But we had to spend more and more time on quality control.

As the local SEO industry grew it seemed as if high-quality vendors and virtual assistants became harder to find.

Our tactics became more sophisticated and most outsourcing teams were unable to handle them. We started to handle most of the tasks internally, even the mundane ones like building Tumblr accounts or submitting listings on MapQuest.

Here’s where our agency story takes a pause, we were so busy with internal fulfillment that growth slowed.

This is the challenge Chaz was facing when he decided to found Web 20 Ranker in 2015.

Solving a Problem in the SEO Market

The tactics we used to achieve our results were (and continue to be) cutting-edge, and most SEO assistants lacked the training needed to understand our requirements. What was available in the market was just not good enough.

Chaz decided to build and train an offshore team.

By 2015, he had a 20-member team in the Philippines, fully trained in signal creation using his techniques, and he launched it as a wholesale service available to other SEOs that were facing the same problem. Web 20 Ranker was officially launched.

He would continue to build and scale SEO fulfillment, often in rapid succession, with different teams trained in various specialty areas of SEO.

The was a 50-member team in Iloilo City (they used so much bandwidth it was necessary to build an internet hub, half of which served as an office to the 50-member team and half as an internet cafe available to the public), two forty-plus teams in India, and a 90 member team in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

This SEO wholesale and white label fulfillment company rapidly became the focal point of Chaz’s efforts, growing to support 200+ team members globally and achieving $5.5 million in annual sales, servicing over 2,000 agencies.

The New Brand Expands

Chaz Edward Local Marketing was put on a soft pause, local lead gen and existing client operations continued but we stopped accepting new clients in 2017.

Because of Web 20 Ranker’s growth in local SEO fulfillment, scaling to over 700 GMB (GBP) listings being managed, Chaz and partners decided to develop a Google Business bulk management, posting, and rank tracking software named Local Viking.

Local Viking continues to grow and thrive, releasing fresh updates frequently including 3D GeoGrid local heatmaps that track rankings across an entire city

Diversification and Leadership

W2R’s growth trajectory enabled strategic new business launches. There was The Digital Swarm, a sister company dedicated to white-label website development, a spin-off link building agency, and a franchise SEO agency, Local Brand Advisor.

The rapid growth facilitated several acquisitions, such as purchasing 30% of a legal marketing agency, a press release distribution service, and two vendor companies.

From revamping the Local SEO strategy of Social Firestarter to launching Digital Swarm and Local Brand Advisor, Chaz’s influence extended across the local marketing spectrum.

Each initiative, including acquiring Local Client Takeover and publishing a comprehensive 120-video local SEO training course, to growing his Local SEO Community Facebook group to 12,000 members, has helped countless local marketers and businesses grow their online visibility and rank higher locally.

A New Chapter

2023 marked a pivotal turn as Chaz sold Web 20 Ranker, embarking on a renewed focus towards Chaz Edward Digital Marketing. Armed with a treasure trove of experience across local SEO, eCommerce marketing, SaaS marketing, and SEO for franchises, we are redefining local success for our clients.

Neil Howe Interviews Chaz Edward About Local SEO

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