SEO-Optimized Websites plus GBP & Social Media

Perfectly Unifying Website Design, Brand Profile Setup & Google Maps Optimization

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Launch Your New Brand In a Few Short Weeks

Fast Mobile-Friendly WordPress Website Design & Redesign

We craft SEO-optimized websites for local businesses. Our web design and brand setup service includes social media and Google Business Profile optimization, designed to deploy a locally optimized brand in just a few weeks.

Key Features:

  • SEO-optimized websites
  • Social media profile setup and optimization
  • Google Business Profile optimization
  • Quick deployment within a few weeks
  • Guaranteed to rank for more local keywords

Boost your local visibility and attract more customers with our expert web design services.

Designed and Engineered for Topical Authority

Strategic Keyword and Topical Research

Comprehensive web design service goes beyond just building a visually stunning site; we ensure your brand stands out in local searches.

  1. Advanced keyword strategy positions a website to dominate in search for dozens and dozens of high value search terms.
  2. All websites are built from semantic topical maps ensuring maximum topical authority for the niche.
  3. We create a perfect website silo and architecture which allows better coverage of the SERPs.

We include complete social media and Google Business Profile optimization, all designed to deploy a powerful, locally optimized brand presence in just a few weeks.

The Results From Launching a New Website

2X Increase in New Keywords and Keyword Ranking Positions

Complete On-Page SEO and Page Tuning

Benefits of Enhanced Keyword Ranking

By ranking for more local keywords, your business gains significant visibility, attracting a higher volume of potential customers. Here’s how our service adds value:

  • Increased Traffic: Higher keyword rankings lead to more organic traffic to your site.
  • Greater Reach: Expand your reach to more local customers actively searching for your services.
  • Enhanced Reputation: A well-optimized website and social media presence build trust and credibility.
  • All-Inclusive Service: For the price of a website, you receive comprehensive on-page SEO, site speed optimization, and Google Business Profile enhancement, along with a stunning local website.
  • Cost-Effective: Save time and money with our all-in-one service, designed to deliver exceptional results quickly.

Partner with us to leverage the full potential of your online presence and watch your local business thrive.

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Solve the Problem of Low Conversion Rates and SEO Visibility Woes

Google Wants to Rank Top Brands, And Here's How You Begin That Climb

A new website optimized for user experience and conversions, aligned with a strong brand strategy, can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.

And an SEO-optimized website can improve your search engine rankings, increasing online visibility and attracting more organic traffic


An up-to-date website is essential for a business as it ensures effective communication of offerings, builds credibility, and meets the evolving expectations of a savvy customer base.

Semantic & Keyword

Enhances the relevance and context of content, improving search engine rankings and user experience by aligning with the intent and language patterns of its target audience.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is crucial for a business as it establishes a unique identity, fosters customer loyalty, and differentiates the business from its competitors in the market.

Technical SEO
& On-Page

Complete technical optimization of your website is always included. Tech SEO is crucial for a website as it optimizes its infrastructure and architecture, so search engines can crawl, index, and render its content

Google Analytics
& Tracking

Google Analytics and tracking are essential for a website as they provide valuable insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and engagement metrics, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize user experience.

Top Brand Profile

First we build any of your missing top brand profiles, then we optimize the existing ones. We ensure complete optimization, brand cohesiveness, and can even create social content on new profiles.

Beautiful Semi-Custom Website Designs

Performance-Optimized WordPress Elementor websites

Affordable Template Websites

Your New Website Engineered to Dominate in Local Search in 4 Weeks

SEO-Optimized Website
w/ Brand Set-Up & GBP Optimization

10-Page Website

Perfect for small local businesses that are ready for a new or updated website, built to rank in local search for more keywords.

Your New Brand in Only 4 Weeks



Basic Theme Website

No Monthly Fees
4 Week Turnaround

SEO-Optimized Website
w/ Brand Set-Up & GBP Optimization

20-Page Website

Perfect for growing local businesses that are ready for a new or updated website, built to rank in local search for more keywords.

Become a Topical Authority



Premium Theme Website

No Monthly Fees
8 Week Turnaround

SEO-Optimized Website
w/ Brand Set-Up & GBP Optimization

40-Page Website

Perfect for aggressive local businesses that are ready for a new or updated website, built to rank in local search for dozens of additional keywords.

The Cohesive Digital Framework for Your Brand



Semi-Custom Website

No Monthly Fees
12 Week Turnaround

Agency & Enterprise Fulfillment Partner

Do you want us to execute our leading local search strategies Done For You? We offer expert white label and enterprise fulfillment. Contact us now and let’s talk about delivering your clients world-class results.

Our Semantically Optimized Websites Rank Better

The Limitations of Traditional Website Designers

While many website designers excel at creating visually appealing sites, they often lack the expertise in local SEO that is crucial for high search engine rankings. This results in common issues such as:

  • Insufficient Keyword Optimization: Without thorough keyword research, websites may not target the right audience, leading to missed opportunities.
  • Disorganized Site Structure: Poor web architecture can confuse search engines, making it difficult for your site to rank effectively.
  • Technical Deficiencies: Problems like slow loading times, unoptimized mobile versions, and security issues can deter visitors and hurt your search rankings.
  • Lack of Local Focus: Failure to optimize location pages and Google Business Profiles can significantly reduce local search visibility.
  • Neglected On-Page SEO: Missing or improperly optimized titles, meta descriptions, and headings can diminish your site’s relevance to search queries.
  • Absence of Analytical Tools: Without setting up Google Analytics and Search Console, website owners lack the crucial insights needed to monitor and enhance SEO performance.


By choosing Chaz Edward Local Marketing, you ensure that your website is not only beautifully designed but also strategically optimized for local SEO, leading to higher search rankings, increased traffic, and greater business success.

Why Settle for Just Website Design

For about the same cost of most standalone web development services, you can invest in a website design service that includes a complete digital branding strategy that promises not just visibility but a lasting digital legacy. Let's transform your brand into a digital powerhouse, ensuring it's not just seen but remembered.

We make sure your brand doesn't get lost in the vast digital ocean.

Combining the Best Brand Strategy, Website Setup & Optimization Features

  • Comprehensive Branding Solution: We don't just design; we strategize. Our approach ensures your brand resonates with your target audience.
  • Website Design/Redesign: Tailored WordPress website solutions, ensuring your digital storefront aligns with your brand's essence.
  • Social Profile Setup & Optimization: We ensure your major social profiles are not just set up but optimized, amplifying your brand's voice across platforms.
  • Time-Efficient Process: Our brand optimization process is streamlined, taking less time to complete, ensuring you're market-ready in no time.
  • One-Time Initiative with No Hidden Costs: Transparent pricing with no monthly fees. We believe in delivering value upfront.

Give your brand a boost today!

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