Case Studying Chaz Edward’s Local SEO Strategies

The Penultimate Blueprint for Local SEO

"I'm going to be the architect of your local SEO strategy using tactics refined over several thousand campaigns and over more than a dozen years." - Chaz Edward

The Penultimate Local SEO Blueprint. Damn, that’s a bold claim, so be sure to read each of the Local SEO Case Studies and let me know how I did – Chaz

Whenever I do a free Zoom strategy call with a prospective client, I tell them, after highlighting the strategy and tactics used for ranking on Google Maps,

“I’m going to be the architect of your local SEO using tactics refined over several thousand campaigns”

I wonder if some of them believe that it’s only boasting. I had one roll their eyes and I could almost see him thinking in disbelief,

Yeah, several thousand campaigns…

In fact, it’s a lot more than several thousand campaigns but I understate the true number to make it more relatable.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this local SEO strategy ranked several thousand GMB/GBP listings in a single year just at Web 20 Ranker, and I owned that business until 2023. Not to mention owning several decent-sized client agencies, dozens of my own local business listings, and over one hundred local lead gen listings.

The Amplify Local SEO framework has evolved over tens of thousands of campaigns.

These case studies showcase complex multi-location local SEO campaigns and how the tactics evolved to meet the changing algorithms of local search.

And you’ll discover how the underlying optimization strategy behind their success can be applied to any local business seeking better local rankings and brand growth.

Each of the businesses discussed is a rapidly growing multi-location business or franchise seeking to dominate their local markets as far and wide as possible.

If you will, it’s a chronological guide, from the first case study of a regional bail bonds company that expanded to over a dozen locations – and where I solidified a highly successful multi-location optimization structure that became what currently is, The Amplify Local SEO Framework, to the last case study that proved the framework on a nationwide-scale of over 140 Google Business listings for a fast-growing franchise.

So follow along on this Penultimate blueprint for local SEO.

Time-Tested Local SEO Strategy

I'll warn you, if you are looking for a secret ranking formula you might be left wanting.

The strategy isn't a novel theory. It's also not a ranking hack or trick that's going to go away after the next update. 

But before I reveal the strategy and dive into the Local SEO case studies, a brief journey back in time, circa 2010...

Experiential Learning and Search Engine Optimizing

My earliest foray into ranking Google Maps was for my own locksmith company. At any given point I had several active locksmith listings for a broad service area. But I didn’t have a cohesive strategy, I had a bunch of tactics that when executed would rank a Google Business listing.

The actual strategy took shape over several years, as I studied which activities resulted in increased rankings, which listings thrived in the cut-throat realm of locksmith SEO, and which listings would get suspended or need reverified.

Your Neighborhood SEO

 Testing on my listings revealed many hidden insights…

I discovered near-instant ranking hacks that were eventually patched, I learned which signals were beneficial, and which optimizations were most impactful.

With my rankings solidly in the top positions, I started helping friends and family members who had websites or local businesses with their SEO. [Read about the early career of Chaz Edward and founding Chaz Edward Digital Marketing]

The strategy was there, buried within the myriad of successful tactics that I would execute in a local SEO campaign.

Finding a Repeatable Ranking Process

Fast forward several years, to my early lead gen days. I was intently scrutinizing correlation versus causation and creating the minimal viable process needed to rank a listing.

Lead gen listings don’t make any money until after they start ranking and generating calls and then finding a buyer for those calls. 

Launching dozens of lead gen campaigns can be costly, and forces you to find a minimal viable process for ranking on maps. And so I developed a 4-part Local SEO visibility strategy that was repeatable and scaleable which I outline below. This process was the beginning of the Local SEO and Social Media Framework.

Here’s a screenshot from Stripe showing some of the earnings from my lead gen campaigns.

Summarizing What Google Wants to Rank Locally

Here’s a summary of the ranking process.

  1. Build an optimized website completely covering the subject of the niche using a topic/subtopic hierarchy, and quality location pages for surrounding suburbs and nearby cities. This ensures niche and geo relevance for the brand.
  2. Create all social profiles and brand accounts that the top competitors have, build niche-relevant citations and links, and obtain links and mentions on local blogs and business directories. This creates prominent online signals about the brand.
  3. Create trust signals, including encouraging reviews and locally uploaded project photos to the listing, build and encourage 3rd party reviews, and list the brand on Data Aggregators.
  4. Publish locally optimized videos on the brand’s YouTube channel, syndicate videos across social media, and use additional social tactics to send social referral traffic to the brand assets. (I talked about using social referral traffic in local as early as 2017 at the LCT Live Event, you can see the recording on the Chaz Edward SEO YouTube Channel)

Google Ranks Brands

There are several layers of complexity to this statement.

Google wants to rank…

  • The strongest brand that satisfies search intent
  • A trusted brand that will satisfy the searcher
  • A popular brand that is getting mentioned
  • A real brand with diverse user signals

When you build a strong brand and do the things a real brand does, generate diverse signals from your brand profiles, and for your brand profiles, you’ll soon start seeing improved rankings in Google Maps.

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Google terms the local ranking factors Prominence, Relevance, and Distance, and of the three, Distance is the most difficult to influence.

Relevance and Prominence are most influenced by Local SEO, particularly when you are focusing on building a strong online brand.

Mental exercise coming up…

Let’s think of some ways a brand can build relevance by doing the things a successful brand does.

We can start with the basics

  • Building a website that serves the needs of their customers (niche and local relevance)
  • Creating social media content that resonates with their customers (niche relevance)
  • Regularly publishing updates about their services (niche relevance)
  • Getting a write-up in the local news (local relevance)
  • Getting mentioned by industry associations (niche relevance)
  • Sponsoring a local organization (local relevance)
  • Encouraging clients to leave reviews


Many of these brand-building tactics would also influence Prominence.

But what else would a successful brand do that might also influence Prominence?

  • They post online job openings
  • They will inevitably create listings on other popular mapping and business directory sites
  • They’ll get reviews on popular review sites for their niche
  • They’ll post questions or answers on popular niche forums
  • They’ll post in the online community classifieds
  • They’ll have a presence on many different platforms engaging where they think potential clients might be
  • They’ll be getting traffic from diverse online sources be it YouTube, Social Media, forums, local news, and influencers


Most online brand-building activities are going to generate signals that can influence Relevance Prominence, or both.

If you publish an eBook on Kindle and create an author profile, Google’s crawlers will find that and reward you for it.

Same if you publish an app in the app store. Or stream a podcast, upload an audible book, or publish a case study or white paper.

I bet we could list hundreds of potential signals if we sat down and put pen to paper but that’s for another time.

In this local SEO case study we are going to explore the diverse signals that make up my Framework.

These are the local SEO tactics we leverage to influence the local SERPs.

These case studies will showcase the practical application of our strategies, illustrating the tangible benefits and outcomes they can bring to your business.

Whether it’s a local restaurant gaining prominence, a retail store increasing foot traffic, or a service provider becoming a community staple, these examples will provide valuable insights into how our Amplify Local SEO and Social Media Marketing can be a game-changer for your business.

See the Results of our Strategic Process in Each Case Study

Local SEO for Healthcare & Medical Clinics

170 Location Medical Franchise
351% Increase in Phone Calls
Results in 7 Months
Read the Case Study

Veterinarian SEO & Vet Marketing

From Start-Up Vet to 20 Locations
40X Increase in Phone Calls (Yes, 40!)
Results in 9 Months
Read the Case Study

Local Website Design

3X Increase In Keywords Ranking
187% Increase in Top 10 Keywords
Results in 48 Hours After Launch
Read the Case Study

Breaking Down The Local SEO Tactics Used in the Case Studies

Building a Relevant Brand

  • Comprehensive Local SEO Planning: Developed a strategic plan tailored to the unique needs of a multi-location franchise. This included a detailed analysis of local market trends, competitor insights, and potential opportunities for enhanced online visibility.
  • Keyword Strategy and Topical Authority: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-potential local search terms. This was coupled with creating localized content, such as GBP posts and website updates, to target these keywords effectively and engage the local audience.
  • Website Optimization for Local Search: Enhanced the client’s website with local SEO best practices, including optimizing location pages and implementing schema markup for local events. This improved the site’s relevance and authority in local search results.
  • Google Business Profile Optimization: Streamlined the client’s presence on Google My Business (GBP), ensuring that all listings were accurate, comprehensive, and optimized. This involved refining business descriptions, services, and category selections to improve relevance and visibility in local searches.
  • Advanced Local SEO Techniques: Employed strategies like creating a network of geo-optimized pages and implementing tiered link-building to enhance local search presence. These techniques are aimed at boosting the client’s local search authority beyond basic optimizations.

Building a Prominent Brand

  • Robust Brand Signal Building: Strengthened the client’s brand signals through consistent social media activity, authoritative link building, and third-party verifications. This multifaceted approach improved SEO metrics and fostered trust and recognition within the local market.
  • Citation and NAP Consistency Check: Ensured uniformity of the client’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) across various online platforms. This involved a meticulous audit of existing citations and correcting any inconsistencies, which is crucial for local SEO credibility and accuracy.
  • Building Local and Niche Authority: Focused on establishing the client as a local authority through niche-specific citations, social media profiles, and press releases. This improved local search rankings and reinforced the client’s brand presence in the community.

Building a Popular Brand

  • Engaging with the Local Community via GBP: Regularly updated the Google Business Profile with engaging posts, photos, and Q&A sessions. This interactive approach helped maintain an active and appealing online presence, encouraging more local engagement.
  • Utilizing Multimedia for Local Engagement: Leveraged video content and optimized it for local SEO, tapping into the growing trend of multimedia content consumption among local audiences.
  • Social Media Engagement:

Building a Trusted Brand

  • GBP Review Management:
  • Third-Party Review Platforms:
  • Advanced Brand Signals:

Tracking and Reporting

  • Local Visibility and GeoGrid Analysis: Utilized Local Viking to track local search performance, including GeoGrid reports, which provided visual insights into the client’s visibility across different geographical areas.
  • Monitoring and Reporting on Local SEO Performance: Kept a close eye on the campaign’s progress with regular reporting on key metrics such as local keyword rankings, GBP insights, and overall visibility in local search results.

How Each Tactic Contributes to Local SEO Success

These tactics are what make up our Local SEO Framework and garner such rapid results for our clients.

Every step contributes to a cohesive and effective local SEO campaign, from foundational tasks like verifying GBP access and ensuring NAP consistency to advanced strategies like establishing topical authority and building out 3rd party review profiles.

The detailed approach to content creation, citation management, and local optimization ensures the client’s online presence is visible and compelling to their local audience.

Leveraging AI and software like Local Viking provides critical insights into competitor’s SEO strategies helping establish parity early on, and accelerating results.

The focus on brand building through various channels, including social media and news features, establishes a strong, recognizable online presence. A Prominent Brand.

Each task, whether aimed at improving visibility, enhancing user engagement, or boosting credibility, is crucial in driving the remarkable increase in phone calls, website visits, and overall online visibility in the local market.

This comprehensive approach to local SEO is more than just a series of isolated tactics; it’s a synergistic campaign that interweaves various strategies to create a dominant online presence in your local market.

Each element, from Google Business Profile optimization to advanced local SEO techniques, works together to build a robust digital footprint. This isn’t just about being seen—it’s about creating a lasting impact that resonates with your local community and sets you apart from competitors.

Ultimately, that’s what we specialize in, creating leaders in the market.

We will explain the entire process when you schedule a complimentary 1 on 1 Analysis with Chaz.

Identify the gaps in your competitors’ strategies and plan a better strategy to outrank them and drive more traffic and leads to your brand.

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