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Sports Medicine Chain Average 351% increase in phone calls across all locations

Chaz Edward's Healthcare SEO Strategy 3X's Phone Calls in 7 Months

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3X Phone Calls?

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The Client

QC Kinetix operates as a non-surgical medical clinic franchise (170+ locations), focusing on regenerative medicine treatments to offer patients an effective alternative to traditional methods for managing musculoskeletal conditions. Their clinics are dedicated to providing customized care, emphasizing innovative solutions beyond conventional treatment paradigms.

Case Study at a Glance

This SEO case study examines the challenges faced by a rapidly growing Regenerative Medicine franchise as they sought to reduce their dependence on local PPC and formulate an efficient and effective local SEO strategy to compete with entrenched competitors who were dominating local search.

  • Niche: Healthcare – Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Total Search volume for keywords: 200K/month
  • CPC for the primary keyword: $17.97
  • Population of target markets: 250,000 to over 2 million
  • Search Volume for Main Term: 41K/month
  • Results: Local Rankings in Less than 7 Months (351% Increase in Phone Calls!)

Local Search Objectives

  • Reduce Dependence on PPC: With less than satisfactory results from paid ads, the goal was to enhance organic traffic and overall online presence across their multiple locations.

  • Increase Organic Leads:  Boost traffic, sales, and form fills for new appointments in local markets across the US.

  • Cost-efficient Local SEO at Scale:  To increase the online visibility and, in turn, revenue for all locations while staying within their marketing budget.

The Challenges

Because of the rapid expansion of the franchise across the United States, the local SEO strategy was ad hoc, without a coordinated plan.

Many of the franchisees had their own websites and the useful content was very thin across these domains.

Dozens of franchisee websites had poor or no rankings, minimal authority and relevance, and lacked essential on-page optimizations.

An audit of all 170+ Google Business listings revealed more challenges. No Google Maps optimization had been completed, many had wrong primary categories and lacked secondary categories needed to rank in the 3 Pack.

They were posting rarely and without regard to leveraging the posts to create traffic and were not using automation to manage the GBP listings scale.

Compared to established competitors, the website had low authority as there had never been a concerted effort to gain links and rank in search, and the few links there were had poor anchor text ratios.

Every competitor analyzed had established SEO strategies, extensive link graphs, and robust site content. 

Strategic SEO Solutions

Website and On-Page SEO Overhaul

Chaz's fulfillment team consolidated individual domains for each franchisee into a singular, authoritative root domain with specific location pages, thereby resolving content thinness and duplication.

Emphasizing on relevant, transactional intent keywords, they enhanced On-Page optimization for all location pages. This included refining title tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking, alongside optimizing content and images.

Content Strategy and Optimization

Developing content silos and internal linking structures, they enhanced the location pages with optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and keyword variations.

Google Business Optimization

Furthermore, their focus expanded to making location pages geo-relevant with local features and optimizing Google Business (GMB) listings.

They updated categories, enhanced GMB site content, and optimized descriptions, posts, and Q&As to improve the GMB listing.

Authority Building and Link Earning

Chaz's off-page strategy included press releases, local and news link building, citations, and custom signals to build brand authority and relevance.

By focusing on brand authority and link acquisition, they mirrored the successful practices of competitors to bolster the client's online prominence.

Results in 7 Months

Dominate Map Rankings and Visibility

The franchisees have outranked their highly authoritative competitors in SERPs and Map Pack results

Views on Maps increased 260%
Views on Search increased 408%

geogrid ranking before vs after
More Visibility and Traffic

Chaz's SEO strategy revitalized the franchise's online presence, catapulting them to top positions in Maps Results and SERPs, leading to significant business growth

  • Driving Directions Requests: +260%
  • Website Visits: +362%
  • Post Views on Search: +1019%
  • Actions CTA on Posts: +100%
  • Direct Queries: +230%
  • Indirect Queries: +366%
  • Chain Queries: +356%


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