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Chaz Edward Digital Marketing Provides Solutions that Drive New Revenue and Growth Using Strategies Refined for Over a Decade.

Delivering Top Rankings and Greater Brand Visibility

Local businesses ready to 2-3x and can handle an influx of new leads, phone calls, and sales

Amplify Local SEO and Social Media Framework

Combines the 3 best growth channels for local businesses: Local Maps SEO, Organic SEO, and Social Media Marketing. Proven by over 10,000 successful campaigns to grow local brands by 2x and 3x and dominate the serps for their markets.

Amplify Local SEO and Social Media Framework

Combines the 3 best growth channels for local businesses with a proven local traffic strategy for multi-location maps and search dominance and your SEO budget will love the enterprise pricing.

Content Creators and Digital Service Providers selling online and rready to scale beyond 7 figures

Elevate National SEO and Social Media Framework

Combines 3 of the top revenue growth channels for online sellers: SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The trifecta propels new revenue and ensures long-term brand visibility.

Agencies and Marketing Consultants seeking to build a legacy agency and deliver world-class results

DWY Digital Marketing Consulting

Working together we plan and execute the systems needed to scale: SEO team development, automation and tech, and marketing and sales. These processes are being used by agencies to experience 2x to 4x YoY growth.

Using Digital Marketing Services Backed By 12 Yrs of Data

Local SEO, Maps SEO, & Social Media Framework

Amplify Local SEO and Social Brand Presence

A fully managed Maps SEO, Local SEO, and Social Media Marketing Service.

10,000+ businesses ranked in the local 3 Pack, Google Maps, and at the top of search in all major niches: auto, legal, health care, home services, professional, and retail.

National SEO, Email, & Social Media Framework

Elevate National SEO and SMM Framework

A fully managed SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Service.

Our creators and brands generated 150 million in revenue selling books, courses, products, services, software, and subscriptions online.

Branding, Digital PR, Email, Social Media, and Website Design services

- Digital PR & News
- Engage Social Media
- Websites & Branding
- Unlimited Emails

Direct to business and agency fulfillment partnerships.

Turn-key brand development and brand visibility services.

Agency Growth Coaching, Digital Marketing Consulting, and Fractional DMO

- Limited Engagement Consulting
- Monthly Consulting & Fractional DMO

Together we plan and execute the systems needed to scale: SEO team development, automation and tech, and marketing and sales.

Processes help agencies reach 2-4x YoY growth.

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HELPING LOCAL COMPANIES Get More More Calls, Leads, and Sales

Need More Local Customers?

If your business could benefit from hundreds of additional calls from prospects looking for your services, you don't need to wait to get started. Simply click the button below to buy and Chaz Edward will start working for you immediately.

eCom, Digital Sellers, & SaaS Brands Get More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Need More Online Customers?

If your current marketing efforts are having difficulty keeping your funnel full at all stages of the buying cycle, ToF, MoF, and BoF, you can start leveraging the trinity of digital channels that will explode your traffic and conversions.

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Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of enhancing a website's visibility in search engine results. By optimizing content, design, and technical aspects, SEO ensures that businesses stand out in the vast digital landscape. It's the bridge that connects potential customers to the solutions they seek, driving organic traffic and boosting online success.


Local SEO is the strategic process of optimizing a business's online presence for its specific geographic location. Tailored to target local customers, it ensures that businesses shine in local search results when nearby consumers are looking for their products or services. It's the key to dominating the neighborhood market and becoming the go-to choice in one's community.

Social Media

Harness the power of social media to connect, engage, and convert. Our social media management service crafts compelling content, nurtures your online community, and establishes a consistent brand voice, fostering trust and loyalty among your audience while driving traffic and conversions.

Brand Optimization &
Web Design

We equip you with a comprehensive strategy and necessary foundation to rank higher and expand your brand presence, including a fully optimized 10 page website. By curating your brand narrative, establishing your primary digital brand profiles, and creating a holistic branding strategy we build trust among your audience.


Still the best return on your investment. We do email marketing that drives $$ to your business! Nurture leads and retain customers with personalized email campaigns. Our email marketing service delivers tailored content, promotions, and updates directly to your audience's inbox, keeping your brand top-of-mind and driving repeat traffic and conversions.

Digital PR
News Publication

We specialize in placing your story on top news websites, ensuring your brand captures the attention it deserves. This exposure not only boosts your brand's visibility but also significantly enhances your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO), driving organic traffic to your site. We transform any business, product, service, or personal brand into a news story featured on a widely recognized sites.

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Website, Brand Set-Up & Brand Optimization

New or Existing Brands
Extensive competitor and SERP analysis ensures a website and brand ready to dominate any niche.

• Semantic SEO Site Architecture
• Custom WordPress Developers
• WooCommerce Website Option
• 0-Down Time Site Migrations

Your New Brand in Only 4 Weeks



1 Time Payment

No Monthly Charges

The Brand Strategy and Optimization Initiative is a one-time intensive sprint that runs 30 to 60 days and includes a complete brand strategy, new 10 page fully-optimized website design or redesign (add additional pages for a minimal upcharge), and set-up and optimization of top level brand pages.

Amplify Local SEO
& Brand Presence

Local Companies & Franchises
Explode your calls and get local customers faster using a holistic strategy that marries Maps SEO, Local SEO, and Social Media.

• 10,000+ Locations Ranked
• Rank in Any Market
• Multi-Location Pricing
• Preformance Guarantee

Starting At



Maps SEO, Local SEO & Social

No Contract, Keep Only If It Works

The Amplify Local Campaign incorporates everything in the brand strategy optimization initiative and compounds it with the most effective local SEO strategies that produce rapid results for your business and help you scale locally and regionally.

Elevate National SEO
& Brand Presence

eCom, Digital Sellers, & SaaS
Fill your buyer funnel and convert more leads to sales using a multi-channel strategy of SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media.

• 150m Generated for Brands
• Sell More of Anything Online
• 4-10x ROAS Social Ads Option
• Performance Guarantee

Starting At



SEO, Email Marketing & Social

No Contract, Keep Only If It Works

The Elevate Global Campaign includes everything in the brand strategy and optimization package combined with monthly multi-channel marketing that produces more revenue and ROI for brands competing for national or international traffic vs brands relying single or dual channel methods.

Driving Real Growth for clients

Are You Ready to Scale?

The are 3 ways for a business to grow revenue, get more customers do repeat business with those same customers, and sell additional offers to increase revenue and our multi-channel strategy grows all 3 pillars of revenue.

10,000+ Businesses Ranked

Stop Settling for SEO Alone

For a competitive price, you can invest in a custom Digital Marketing Framework, proven to get results for brands seeking aggressive SERP coverage, brand reach, and revenue growth that combines SEO with complimentary marketing channels for faster growth.

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Bringing Your Brand Home, One Click at a Time Using Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions Designed to Maximize New Customers and Revenue

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Bringing Your Brand Home, One Click at a Time Using Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions Designed to Maximize New Customers and Revenue

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