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Consulting with Chaz Provides the Clarity and Insight to Fuel Your Digital Business Growth and Navigate the Challenges You’ll Face as You Scale

  • Achieve consistent and sustainable growth for your digital business or agency
  • Improve client outcomes and satisfaction rates
  • Streamline operations, leading to increased profitability
  • Gain clarity and direction, allowing you to focus on strategic growth rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operations


Chaz brings to the table a wealth of experience, having assisted countless agencies and digital businesses in their growth journey. Unlike generic consulting services, Chaz offers a holistic approach, addressing not just the symptoms but the root causes of your challenges. Whether it’s a specific campaign hiccup or a broader operational challenge, Chaz’s expertise ensures you’re equipped to handle it all.

Choose the consulting option that best fits your business

You will receive a link via email to access your client portal for the onboarding experience where you’ll be able to submit your details about your business and the hurdles we can help solve and to schedule your first call with Chaz.

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I’ve Been Right Where You Are Before

Growing a digital business or agency involves more than just obtaining new clients faster, it involves more than just closing more sales, though both of these are challenges faced by the growing agency.

Digital growth is more nuanced than that, not only do you need to sell more, fulfill more, all the while keeping current clients happy but it’s developing the systems and processes like automation to increase efficiency, SOPs and R&D to improve outcomes, building technology to streamline internal operations, add perceived value, and enhance the client experience, and so many more considerations for you to worry about.

You really DO need to work ON your business to grow it!

But where do you start? Especially when you are probably working IN it more than you should be.

You don’t need to tackle these growing pains alone. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel everytime or try to figure it all out by yourself.

I can help. 

My name’s Chaz and I’ve helped countless agencies and digital businesses grow, scale, and deliver better outcomes to their clients.

I can help solve specific campaign or performance issues or provide a more rounded approach to growing through implementing systems, frameworks, automations, and improvements throughout the parts of your digital business, helping you achieve your growth goals.

Here are 2 years of Profit and Loss YTD Comparisons from Social Firestarter. A legal marketing agency that I had the pleasure of consulting for on and off since 2015, until I acquired a minor equity stake in the agency and began managing and implementing growth frameworks and processes. I can’t take all of the credit for the incredible growth, it was a whole team effort to increase the Total Income of the Agency by $1,500,000 in less than 2 years. These agency growth frameworks and processes are proven to grow revenue. And the more systems and processes you have, the faster the revenue grows.


Choose the consulting option that best fits your needs

You get complete access to all of Chaz’s processes, resources, and systems and his direct involvement in helping you scale your business and your marketing efforts. Time is tracked for full transparency.

(1+1) 1 Consulting Call + 1 Hour Fractional CMO

Includes 1 Zoom Call with Chaz and 1 Hour of After Call Follow-Up.

Best for a single campaign review or help with a specific issue. We can not plan an entire marketing strategy or business growth strategy in this package but I can help you navigate the challenges of growing your business and executing better digital marketing strategies.

(2+2) 2 Consulting Calls + 2 Hour Fractional CMO

Includes up to 2 Zoom Calls with Chaz and 2 Hours of After Call Follow-Up.

Best for reviewing several campaigns or defining new growth initiatives for your business such as tactics to open new traffic channels, launch new offers, or develop new value ladders. I can also help grow your business the traditional ways such as increasing average order value or customer lifetime value, tactics to reduce client churn rates, or ways to increase customer purchase frequency.

(3+3) 3 Consulting Calls + 3 Hour Fractional CMO

Includes up to 3 Zoom Calls with Chaz and 3 Hours of After Call Follow-Up.

Perfect for larger business development sprints and initiatives such as building an in-house fulfillment team, creating and refining internal processes, perfecting inbound or outbound sales and marketing, or identifying areas of your business best suited for automation.

Want to Save Some $ and Get Chaz’s Help Growing Your Business Every Month?
Only 9 Spots Available: Monthly Mentorship
Helping Digital Businesses Scale


Several hundred agencies, SEO's, and digital brands have directly benefited and experienced significant growth from my strategies, coaching, and trainings.

15 Years Experience Growing 7 Figure Brands Using Tactics Proven In the Most Competitive Markets

With Chaz by your side, you’re not just getting generic advice. You’re unlocking a treasure trove of expert guidance tailored to your unique challenges. Imagine having a roadmap that not only shows you the way but anticipates the hurdles and offers solutions even before you encounter them. From developing efficient systems to enhancing automation and building technology that streamlines operations, Chaz has got you covered. And for those specific campaign hiccups? Consider them a thing of the past.

But the journey with Chaz isn’t just about solutions; it’s about transformation. 

As you navigate the digital landscape, you’ll witness not just growth but sustainable, consistent growth. Your clients will notice the difference, leading to improved satisfaction rates. Your operations will become smoother, increasing overall profitability. And amidst all this, you’ll find clarity and direction, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your vision for growth.

What truly sets “Consulting with Chaz” apart is the holistic approach. With Chaz, you’re not addressing symptoms; you’re getting to the root of your challenges. His wealth of experience, gained from assisting countless agencies and digital businesses, ensures that you’re equipped to handle any challenge thrown your way.

So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? With Chaz as your guide, turn your digital challenges into unparalleled growth opportunities. Whether you’re an emerging agency or an established digital business, “Consulting with Chaz” is more than a service; it’s your compass to success in the digital realm.



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