Monthly Digital Marketing Mentoring

From: $999.00 / month

Limited Availability: Please Note I can Work with Only 9 Businesses per Month Max!

One-Time Solutions Often Fall Short – Businesses Need a Mentor Who Goes Beyond Strategies to Help Execute Growth Initiatives and Solve Problems
  • Feeling Overwhelmed with all of the decisions that are required and not sure which improvements to focus on first
  • The need for ongoing guidance beyond a one-time consultation.
  • The challenge of finding a manager to oversee the growth initiative.
  • The desire for a mentor who doesn’t just advise but actively participates in business growth.

With Chaz’s mentorship, you’re not just getting advice; you’re gaining a partner in your journey.

Choose the consulting option that best fits your business

You will receive a link via email to access your client portal for the onboarding experience where you’ll be able to submit your details about your business and the hurdles we can help solve and to schedule your first call with Chaz.


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Tailored mentorship that combines expert consulting with hands-on involvement in your business.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, businesses often find themselves navigating a maze of strategies, tools, and platforms. Whether it’s an SEO agency, e-commerce site, a SaaS platform, or a digital creator, the challenge of consistently achieving a positive ROI and scaling effectively remains a common hurdle.

Without ongoing guidance and hands-on involvement, many businesses struggle to implement effective strategies, leading to wasted resources, missed opportunities, and stagnated growth. The gap between knowing what to do and executing it efficiently can widen, causing frustration and uncertainty.

Digital Marketing Mentorship with Chaz

This program goes beyond traditional consulting, offering a unique blend of expert advice combined with active participation in your business. With bi-weekly to weekly calls, Chaz not only provides guidance but also rolls up his sleeves to work directly on scaling your marketing efforts. From campaign optimization to launching new traffic channels, Chaz is your partner in ensuring consistent and sustainable growth. Experience the difference of having a mentor who doesn’t just advise but actively contributes to your success.

Unlock the full potential of your digital marketing growth with Digital Marketing Mentorship and transform challenges into growth opportunities.

I Can Help.

My name’s Chaz and I’ve helped countless agencies and digital businesses grow, scale, and deliver better outcomes to their clients.

I can help solve specific campaign or performance issues or provide a more rounded approach to growing through implementing systems, frameworks, automations, and improvements throughout the parts of your digital business, helping you achieve your growth goals.

Here are 2 years of Profit and Loss YTD Comparisons from Social Firestarter. A legal marketing agency that I had the pleasure of consulting for on and off since 2015, until I acquired a minor equity stake in the agency and began managing and implementing growth frameworks and processes. I can’t take all of the credit for the incredible growth, it was a whole team effort to increase the Total Income of the Agency by $1,500,000 in less than 2 years. These agency growth frameworks and processes are proven to grow revenue. And the more systems and processes you have, the faster the revenue grows.

And here’s a screenshot from the backend of a WooCommerce store selling digital services. A slightly unorthodox use of Woo but it worked exceptionally well. WooCommerce stores integrate very easily with Dynamic Product ads and retargeting. Better than other options for a digital services agency. Better retargeting gave them a competitive advantage in driving traffic and helped push this business to 3 million dollars…further automation, systems, and new traffic channels pushed in close to 6 million in sales by 2022.

Choose the monthly mentorship option that best fits your needs

You get complete access to all of Chaz’s processes, resources, and systems and his direct involvement in helping you scale your business and your marketing efforts. There’s never a contract, we will keep working together as long as you are happy. Time is tracked for full transparency.

Bi-Weekly Calls + 2 Hours Fractional CMO – Best for small start-ups

Includes up to 2 Zoom Calls and 2 Hours of Chaz as your Fractional CMO each Month (4 hours total)

Ideal option for brands seeking a Senior SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist capable of analyzing and optimizing campaigns, developing more effective processes in-house, or building out those missing pieces of your business that are hindering your growth objectives.

Weekly Calls + 4 Hours Fractional CMO – Your Best Deal!

Includes up to 4 Zoom Calls and 4 Hours of Chaz as your Fractional CMO each Month (8 hours total)

Perfectly suited for brands that have their core digital marketing strategies in place but are looking for more growth strategies. We can test and launch new traffic channels, develop and launch new services and offers using my proprietary offer launch sequence, create in-house training programs for your team or your clients, and build out comprehensive inbound sales funnels and value ladders.

Weekly Calls + 8 Hours Fractional CMO – For aggressive brands seeking rapid growth

Includes up to 4 Zoom Calls and 8 Hours of Chaz as your Fractional CMO each Month (12 hours total)

Brands that want rapid, sustainable growth often require multiple initiatives simultaneously. From business automation that can save thousands of labor hours, to overseeing internal software and technology improvements, to multi-prong client retention programs, Chaz provides the vision and leadership needed to boost your brand’s growth.

Helping Digital Businesses Scale


Several hundred agencies, SEO's, and digital brands have directly benefited and experienced significant growth from my strategies, coaching, and trainings.

15 Years Experience Growing 7 Figure Brands Using Tactics Proven In The Most Competitive Markets

Imagine not just having a consultant but a mentor who dives deep into your business, understanding its nuances, and working alongside you to ensure growth. With Chaz’s mentorship, you’re not just getting advice; you’re gaining a partner in your journey.

Addressing the challenges businesses face, this mentorship program offers bi-weekly to weekly calls, ensuring you’re always on the right track. But what truly sets it apart is Chaz’s direct involvement in your business. From analyzing and optimizing campaigns to launching new traffic channels and developing in-house training programs, Chaz is there every step of the way.

The benefits?

Sustainable and rapid growth tailored to your brand’s unique needs. And with time tracked transparently, you always know where you stand. The best part? There’s no long-term contract. As long as you’re reaping the benefits and are satisfied, the mentorship continues.

But here’s the catch

Chaz believes in quality over quantity. With limited slots available each month, this mentorship program ensures that every business gets the focused attention it deserves.

So, if you’re looking for more than just advice, if you seek a mentor who actively participates in your growth journey, the “Digital Marketing Mentorship” program is your answer. Dive deep, grow consistently, and transform your digital challenges into success stories with Chaz by your side.


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