Local Reels and Short Videos

$297.00 / month

Reels Can Multiply Your Social Reach By a Factor of 10 – Shorts and Reels Easily Get 100’s of Views per Week, Sometimes Daily.

Simple, Fast and Affordable Custom Short Form Videos Posted for the Entire Month!

  • 4 New Short Form Videos /mo
  • 90 Sec Reels Suitable for Most Channels
  • 10-16 Video Posts /mo
  • Revision & Approval
  • 1 Video /wk for 4 Weeks
  • FB, LinkedIn, YT, IG


We will schedule the video posts and reels, optimize the titles, links or hashtags, and schedule them for you using our Social Poster or Yours

  1. Tell us Your Brand Details & Market
  2. Our Team Creates Custom Short Videos
  3. Existing Videos Edited or New Videos Created
  4. Choose If You Want Us to Optimize / Schedule


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Receive 8 short videos and reels instead of four, and increase your short video posts to 20-32 total posts across your social channels.

Bundle & Save $50 – Add Local Social Reach Posts

Simple, Fast and Affordable Custom Social Media and GBP Posts for the Entire Month!

  • 36+ SM Posts (link to) 12 GBP Posts
  • 12 Custom Graphics /mo
  • 3 GBP Posts/wk for 4 Weeks
  • GBP, FB, IG, Linked Biz, Pinterest

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Stop Pending Hours Making a 90 Second Reel

It is challenging to consistently produce fresh, engaging content that captures the attention of your audience. Our service solves this by providing four custom reels or shorts per month, tailored to your brand’s needs. Whether creating new shorts from scratch or editing your existing long videos, we ensure your content is vibrant and engaging.

It takes our team around 10 hours to create 4 custom reels or short videos, optimize posts for these across channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube (including optimized descriptions, titles, hashtags, and links), and schedule for publication and we’ve been doing this for awhile.

And for less than $300 we can do all of that for your business.

  • 10 hours of video editing & optimization
  • 4 custom 90 second videos and reels
  • Titles, descriptions, hashtags, and links
  • Each Video / Reel Published Across All Channels
  • Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Scheduled and Published
  • 1 Round of Revisions



More Benefits of the Local Reels and Shorts Service

Don’t have the time or software for high-quality reels?

Producing high-quality video content often requires expensive software and a significant time investment—resources that small businesses may not have.

Our team handles everything from the initial concept to the final edits, including professional video editing and publishing, allowing you to focus on running your business without worrying about content production details.

Are You Forgetting About Publishing Your Short Videos on LinkedIn or YouTube?

Each social network has its own video content guidelines and optimization best practices, making it difficult to remember where to put links or hashtags or how to best optimize for views and engagement.

Our service includes creating and optimizing video content specifically for major networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, ensuring your message resonates and reaches your audience wherever they are.

Have As Much or As Little Creative Input as You Want

Understanding that your brand’s voice and message must be consistent and accurate, our service includes a revision and approval process. This ensures that all content aligns with your vision and meets your standards before anything goes live, giving you control over your brand’s narrative.

Just Don’t Have the Time to Do It All Yourself, But You Know You Should…

Keeping up with optimal posting times and managing content schedules across various platforms can be overwhelming.

We simplify this by not only creating the content but also publishing it for you at the best times for engagement, ensuring your videos have the maximum impact.



Quality Reels and Short Video Editing Service

Examples of Our Shorts and Reels on YouTube


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Drive Real Engagement and Growth with Reels



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