Local SEO Ranks Veterinarian Chain
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Vet SEO Increases Calls By 4,200%
& Website Traffic By 792% for BetterVet

Chaz Edward's Veterinarian Marketing Strategy 40X's Phone Calls in 9 Months

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About the Client

BetterVet provides stress-free, in-home veterinary care and is a fast growing mobile vet service with over 20 locations in the United States specializing in providing in-home and telemedicine care to pets.

Case Study Overview

This case study showcases the effectiveness of Chaz Edward’s SEO strategy for a mobile veterinarian. Confronted with increasing competition and the rising cost of local ads, this expansion-focused veterinarian chain sought to establish a dominant organic presence in search and maps. However, there were obstacles to overcome. Like how to compete as a Service Area Business in a market saturated with walk-in locations and how to structure a website to rank in multiple cities. 

  • Niche: Veterinarian – Mobile Vet Services
  • Total Search volume for keywords: 350K/month
  • CPC for the primary keyword: $18.81
  • Population of target markets: 250,000 to over 2 million
  • Search Volume for Main Term: 37K/month
  • Results: Local Rankings in Less than 9 Months (4,200% Increase in Phone Calls!)

Local Marketing Objectives

  • Reduce New Customer Acquisition Cost: At the start of the campaign, most new traffic came from pay-per-click and paid media and the client desperately wanted to diversify traffic channels and reduce acquisition costs.

  • Diversify Customer Acquisition Channels:  They wanted potential customers to be able to find their business more places online, including in search and local maps and decided to invest in local SEO.

  • Develop a Multi-Location SEO Strategy:  There are nuances to ranking successfully in multiple cities, it requires a comprehensive plan to get to the top of search. Especially as a newcomer seeking to rank in the top cities across the country.

The Challenges

Due to the swift growth of the business throughout the United States, the approach to local SEO was improvised, lacking a unified strategy.

The website was not designed for multi-location SEO. It lacked location pages, local silos, and topical authority. There were very few backlinks of value and very thin content.
They faced firmly established websites with more authority, more content, the benefit of age, and existing traffic.
Overcoming the Service Area Business challenges like determining what address to use to create brand profiles and how to rank an SAB Veterinarian in Google Maps.
There was little online brand building for the individual locations. The GBP listings were not optimized, they were not posting, and not submitting their company data to major directories and data aggregators.
Meanwhile, all examined competitors had implemented SEO strategies, developed extensive link networks, and maintained strong website content.

The Vet SEO Strategy

Enhancing Brand Authority and Earning Links

Chaz's strategy for expanding the brand's presence off-page involved deploying press releases, engaging in local and news-oriented link building, generating citations, and creating customized signals to elevate the brand's authority and relevance.

Through a concentrated effort on strengthening brand authority and acquiring valuable links, they adopted and adapted the effective strategies of competitors, aiming to enhance the client's visibility and stature online.

Content Strategy and Enhancement

By establishing content silos and improving internal linking frameworks, they upgraded the existing pages. This upgrade encompassed the optimization of title tags, meta descriptions, and the incorporation of varied keyword phrases.

Additionally, a large effort went into building out well-optimized location pages and geo-relevant supporting pages.

Optimizing Google Business Listings

Additionally, their efforts extended to enhancing the geographical relevance of location pages by incorporating local characteristics and fine-tuning Google My Business (GMB) profiles.

Updates were made to categories and GMB site content was enriched. Furthermore, they optimized descriptions, posts, and Q&As to elevate the overall GMB listing quality.

Authority Building and Link Earning

As in the previous SEO Case Study for Medical Clinics, Chaz's off-page strategy included press releases, local and news link building, citations, and custom signals to build brand authority and relevance.

By focusing on brand authority and link acquisition, they mirrored the successful practices of competitors to bolster the client's online prominence.

Month 9 Results

Website Rankings and Traffic

The franchisees have outranked their highly authoritative competitors in SERPs and Map Pack results

Views on Maps increased 260%
Views on Search increased 408%

Local Map Rankings and Visibility

The franchisees have outranked their highly authoritative competitors in SERPs and Map Pack results

Views on Maps increased 260%
Views on Search increased 408%

40X Increase in Phone Calls and 1,000's of New Leads

Chaz's SEO strategy revitalized the franchise's online presence, catapulting them to top positions in Maps Results and SERPs, leading to significant business growth

  • Driving Directions Requests: +260%
  • Website Visits: +362%
  • Post Views on Search: +1019%
  • Actions CTA on Posts: +100%
  • Direct Queries: +230%
  • Indirect Queries: +366%
  • Chain Queries: +356%

Google Maps SEO Results: South Florida
Google Maps SEO Results: San Diego
Google Maps SEO Results: San Francisco
Google Maps SEO Results: Philadelphia
Google Maps SEO Results: Boston
Google Maps SEO Results: Detroit
Google Maps SEO Results: Denver
Google Maps SEO Results: Chicago

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