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Boost Your Local Search Rankings with Expert SEO Optimization
Achieve top local search rankings with our comprehensive Local SEO Website Tuning service. Perfect for local websites with minimal optimization or using outdated optimization tactics. This is a custom optimization service providing a complete solution to both website-level performance optimization, page-level optimization, and schema and HTML mark-up. This service is only for WordPress websites
  • SERP Strategy
  • Website Optimization
  • On Page Optimization
  • Custom Schemas
  • Location Page Optimization
  • Page Linking Optimization


Optimize Your Core/Revenue Pages:
Home Page
Location Pages
Service Pages
Pillar Pages
Hub Pages
* all prices include website optimization and SERP strategy *

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Get Noticed Locally: Tailored SEO Tuning for Your Website

Rank for More Keywords and Experience Better SERP Coverage

Designed specifically for website owners and digital marketers, our service is dedicated to enhancing your site’s local search visibility and driving more organic traffic. Discover how our expert SEO strategies can propel your business to the top of local search results.

  • Rank for More Keywords: Our locally optimized websites rank for more keywords and provide better SERP coverage.
  • Advanced Keyword Strategy: Dominate search results for high-value search terms with advanced keyword research and semantic clustering.
  • Topical Authority: Ensure maximum topical authority for your niche with semantic topical maps.
  • Immediate Results: See noticeable improvements in your search rankings from day one.


Local SEO Website Tuning for WordPress

Site and On Page Optimization Process

SERP Strategy

  • Keyword Research:
    Our detailed keyword research identifies the high-value search terms that matter most to your business.
  • Semantic Clustering:
    Organize your keywords into meaningful clusters for targeted optimization and improved relevance.
  • Topical Entity Mapping:
    Map out the essential entities and topics relevant to your niche, ensuring comprehensive coverage and authority.


Website Optimization

  • Site Level Optimization:
    Our comprehensive site SEO review and setup ensure your website is fully optimized for search engines.
  • Site Performance Tune-Up:
    Improve site speed and overall performance for a better user experience and higher search rankings.


On-Page Optimization

  • Titles and Metas:
    Optimize your titles and meta descriptions to enhance click-through rates and visibility.
  • Semantically Aligned Htags:
    Implement Htags that align with semantic search principles, boosting relevance.
  • Entity Tuned Content:
    Create content finely tuned to relevant entities, enhancing your site’s topical authority.
  • Custom Page Schema:
    Implement custom schema markup to improve your search visibility and rich snippet presence.
  • Image Optimization:
    Optimize images for faster load times and better search performance, contributing to overall site speed and user experience.


Advanced Location Page Optimization

  • Address HTML Mark-Up:
    Properly mark up your local addresses to improve local search results.
  • Topically Aligned Htags:
    Align your Htags with local search topics to boost relevance and rankings.
  • 19 Point Local Optimization:
    We follow a comprehensive local optimization checklist to ensure thorough local SEO for every location page.
  • Custom Local Business Schema:
    We create advanced local schemas for your location pages.


Page Linking Optimization

  • Silo Linking:
    Implement silo linking structures to enhance internal linking and content hierarchy.
  • Cross Linking:
    Utilize cross linking to distribute authority and relevance across your site.
  • Authority Linking:
    Build authoritative links to boost your site’s credibility and search rankings.


Customizable Options for On-Page Optimization

Select Amount of Core/Revenue Pages to Optimize:
Choose from our flexible packages to optimize 5, 10, 20, or 40 core/revenue pages. Our service includes optimization for:

  • Home Page
  • Location Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Pillar Pages
  • Hub Pages


Pricing and Inclusions

Transparent pricing based on the number of pages to be optimized. All prices include comprehensive website optimization and SERP strategy.

Get Started Today with Local SEO Website Tuning from Chaz Edward Local Marketing and Watch Your Rankings Soar!


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