Premium News Article Placements

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These are not PR’s, these are Articles posted on High DR News Sites with Do-Follow Links

“absolute 5 star premium PR news service from Chaz and his team” Mark S. Feb 2024

Choose from 33+ News Sites to Get Your Brand, Service, or Story Featured On.

  • Brand Feature Stories
  • Owner Spotlights
  • Advertorials


Strong Backlinks from DA 40+ Websites with Real Traffic and 100’s of RDs.

>>> See below for a complete list of available sites, their metrics and article examples. We are consistently adding new publishing partners so check back often.

  1. Tell us Your Brand Details & Link Targeting
  2. Our Team Creates a Compelling News Story
  3. Approve Your Article(s)
  4. Live Article & Full Report in 7 Days


You Get Powerful Backlinks from a Trusted News Website

Each article is unique and featured on 1 News Site, these are not bulk PRs. For even greater impact you can add on a Tier 2 Press Release and these are great to increase the backlink authority of your News Placement Article.
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PR Stack – Add A DoFollow PR To 300+ Outlets

We will write and publish a Press Release about your News Article Placement and this Press Release has Do-Followed links! We can include 1 additional do-follow anchor text backlink, in addition to the link to your News Article.

We syndicate through a premium newswire service to over 300 media outlets to amplify your news feature and your news placement will receive powerful news-relevant backlinks powering up the SEO impact of each News Article.

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These are Not Press Releases…

These are Backlinks from a Featured Article About Owners & Brands Published on News Websites

(Average DA 40-60 and 100’s Referring Domains)

  • Brand Feature Stories
  • Owner Spotlights
  • Advertorials


Premium isn’t just a catchphrase. From the moment you login to your order dashboard and submit your targeting details, our team goes into action. We aim to make the entire process easy, fast, and streamlined without sacrificing quality. These links look great, and are on great sites.

  • High Quality 800+ Word Articles
  • AI is Prompted using Real Brand Research
  • Articles are Optimized w Titles, HTags, Images, and Brand Contact Sections
  • Includes Cited Sources Using the Best TrustRank Tactics
  • Strict Criteria = Safe Neighborhoods: No Spam or Vice Topics Allowed
  • Sites Have Great Metrics and Traffic
  • Our team can even recommend the best anchor text and supporting outbound links to include


Bridging the Gap Between Time-Consuming HARO Linkbuilding and Mass Syndicated Press Releases…Premium News Article Placements


Secure High Quality BRAND FEATURED Links from News Websites

With 33+ Topically-Diverse News Websites, you can easily find the right news website to feature your business and garner a strong backlink for your brand. And if you don’t have an idea for the article, not a problem, our team includes a basic news-worthy article at no additional cost.

It is as simple as selecting the appropriate site and submitting some basic brand details in your client dashboard, and in just a few days you’ll have a professional article about your company ready for your review. And 5 days after approval, your Company Feature will be live on the selected website.


Complements Press Release and HARO Linkbuilding Strategies

Press Releases have their rightful place in many phases of SEO. You can still achieve some quick wins using Press Releases.

And HARO links are widely consider some of the best links a website can secure. When done competently, HARO can be a treasure trove of link opportunities. But many agencies don’t have the depth to do HARO at scale. It’s hard adn HARO linkbuilding takes a lot of time, and that often leaves Press Releases to carry most of the burden of ‘PR’. But Press Releases can have diminishing return if syndicated monthly, quarterly press releases seem to be the best tactic.

Now you can easily continue your PR efforts every month when you use our Premium PR News Placements. With an evergrowing number of vetted news sites available, you can acquire high-quality news links and brand features for your campaigns.

And at less than $100, they are a no-brainer complement to your existing PR and link building efforts.


Quality Website Metrics

We understand 3rd party metrics aren’t entirely accurate but I would argue they can be a general gauge of a site’s link graph and authority, at least a way to benchmark decently powerful sites from weak spam.

So after reviewing the metrics of the sites below you’ll find they are comparable to many standard guest post sites that might charge 2 or 3 times as much for a post. These are affordable and quality news links.


news publishing partner california gazette


The Results – You and Your Brand Featured in Style

Tight deadlines are no problem. Since we have established publication channels that allow us to bypass the normal submission process our team will deliver links to your live articles within only a few short days after editorial approval.



Transform any business, product, service, or personal brand into a news story featured on a widely recognized and respected News Media Website


Digital PR Service FAQ’s

1. How does this service improve my website’s SEO?
– The service improves SEO by securing backlinks from reputable news websites, which are highly valued by search engines. This can lead to higher rankings and increased organic traffic.
2. Can I choose the news outlets where my story will be published?
– Yes, clients have some level of input in the selection process, ensuring that the placements align with their brand and target audience.
3. What kind of results can I expect in terms of traffic and visibility?
– Results vary, but generally, clients see an increase in website traffic and brand visibility due to the high authority and reach of the news outlets used.
4. How do you measure the success of the placements?
– Success is measured using key metrics like website traffic, search engine rankings, and the number and quality of backlinks generated.
5. What is the turnaround time from purchase to publication?
– The turnaround time can vary but is typically outlined in the service agreement, with an emphasis on timely and efficient publication within 5 days after article approval.
6. Can I submit my own article?
– Yes, absolutely simply be sure the article follows our Formatting, Content, and Submission Guidelines
7. How is this different than a standard press release?
– These are individually published articles, so they aren’t syndicated to hundreds of sites. They can be profile articles about the brand or the owner, they can also be used for advertorials, brand or owner write-ups, and product or service launches. They are permanent placements so your backlinks don’t drop.
8. How can these be used as part of my SEO, linkbuilding, and PR strategy?
You can use them in addition to HARO and regular press releases (the sites are levels better than most PR syndication sites – so you get a more impactful link) and easier and quicker to get than HARO links (which tend to take a lot of time to land). So, launch your new campaign with a press release, and then while you are waiting for the HARO linkbuilding to take effect, you can add several of these Featured News articles into the PR linkbuilding mix.


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