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Potential customer’s questions are important

These days, more and more customers will search on Google for a local business in their particular area that provides the product or service that they are looking for and, when they do that, they have one or more questions in mind that they would like answers to. These questions that potential customers have are important because if they are properly answered that could lead to revenue for the business in question but, if left unanswered, could mean lost revenue. Of course, as any local SEO consultant will tell you, any revenue is better than no revenue at all no matter what kind of business you happen to be in, and you do not want potential customers turning to your competition simply because your page was not able to answer their questions. Google, being the innovators that they are, noticed that GMB (Google My Business) pages could benefit immensely from a Q&A section a while back and began to add just such a section for them. But what do you do if a GMB page does not have a Q&A section? Is there a way to force it?

Answering a Q&A

Once your GMB page has the Q&A functionality, it is very important to answer any and all questions because potential clients will see both answered and unanswered questions. If there are unanswered questions, it can make people think that the owners or whoever is in charge of the company simply does not care about answering or about its customers and that might be enough to make them move on to the competition. Of course, you also have to keep in mind that you do not have complete control over answering all the questions on your Google My Business page. The fact is that anyone who happens to have a Google account can go ahead and answer a question that anyone else posts on your GMB page. Once there is a question, how do you or someone else go about answering?

  •         First, you should be signed into Google, of course.
  •         Use Google Search to navigate to your listing.
  •         Under the Q&A section, click “see all questions”
  •         Find the question that you would like to answer and click on “answer.”
  •         We advise checking your answer at least once both for typos and to make sure that you have said what you would like to say clearly.

Forcing a Q&A section on a GMB page

But, going back to our previous question: is there a way to force a Q&A section on a GMB page if it is not there, to begin with? The answer is yes. Recently, a friend let us know how he did just that. This friend came upon a GMB site for men’s clothing in NY without the Q&A widget. He wanted to ask a question but did not know how to do it without the widget. This is the point where your potential customers would simply turn away and buy from your competition! But or friend decided to do a general search of “men’s clothing in NY” to get more options. Not seeing the page with the widget that he was interested in, he clicked on the “more places” option and finally saw the page he was looking for. Guess what? Now the widget was there! Of course, no questions had been asked yet, which might be a contributing factor to why it had not been there before, so he went ahead and asked his question! That is one way to force a Q&A section on a GMB page.

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